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We use a rotary and multi-technical manufacturing procedure. This integrates a wide range of processes and skills:

Rotary: the principal raw materials are provided in the form of reels (cardboards, papers and films).
Multi-technical: every manufacturing process involves several consecutive operations: printing, pasting, cutting, etc.


The principal raw materials are:

. Plastic films
. Papers
. Cardboards (mainly recycled fibres)
. Inks (mainly water-based)
. Water-based laminating glues
. Heat-sealing glues


The principal machines are:

. Printing machines (7 colors Helio, Helio 6 colors flexo 4 color; fusible coating)
. Reel pasting machines
. Laminator Film / Film
. Pasting and cutting machines (rotary or plate)
. Gilding and embossing machine
. Folding and gluing machine (in line)
. Assembling of conical containers

These specific types of equipment and production lines are the result of technical innovations produced by the CGF Research department.


CGF possesses integrated competences and know-how in the following fields:

. Mechanical engineering
. Cutting forms
. Inks: formulation and mixtures

This technical autonomy gives us considerable flexibility and reactivity as regards customer's requirements: special manufacturing processes, ability to meet tight deadlines, etc.

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