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CGF constantly strives to achieve "zero fault" quality. This level of requirement has necessitated the set-up of a quality assurance plan compliant with the ISO 9004-5 standard.

The main guidelines for the quality plan are as follows:

1. Responsible management
2. Quality assurance plan, quality system and management reviews
3. Contract reviews
4. Design control
5. Document control
6. Purchasing
7. Product provided by the customer
8. Identification and traceability
9. Process control
10. Controls and tests
11. Management of control equipment
12. Progress of controls and tests
13. Management of non-compliant products
14. Remedial actions
15. Handling, storage, packaging, preservation, deliveries
16. Management of quality and conservation period registrations
17. Quality audits
18. Training
19. Associated services
20. Statistical techniques


The goods produced are subjected to a large number of quality and compliance controls on machines, including as regards printing, the solidity of the lamination, the quality of the cutting, and the basis


CGF's information system provides a very high level of traceability and security in real time, accessible via the extranet.


A regulation monitoring system provides permanent monitoring of the compliance of CGF products with the regulations in force, including as regards their suitability for contact with foodstuffs.

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